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There is no Freedom without Free Speech

First they came for the cartoonists and I did speak out because I was not a cartoonist.... It's time to speak out!

With Cartoonists Dead, Extremists Return To What They Do Best: Killing Other Muslims

(ACPA-Sana'a, Yemen) publicdomain from wikipedia There was widespread relief in muslim extremist circles following the deaths of several cartoonists whose efforts have successfully kept fighters on the defensive for years. Now, with the threat of mockery and incisive caricatures lifted, these groups of otherwise brave men are set to get back to what they do best - killing other muslims. "Oh, yes it's true," said Naseem Abdu of Al Qaeda in Yemen. "We exploded a car bomb today at a cultural center...................click to read the full story.

Kim Jong-un Wins Haircut Award

(ACPA-Pyongyang) North Koreans are glowing with pride following yesterday's announcement that supreme leader Kim Jong-un has won a trip to China after being been awarded 'Haircut of the Year' by North Korean Barber magazine.

 fair use of image for article purpose Winning 'Haircut of the Year' is widely viewed as a tremendous honor with previous recipients including Kim Jong-il, Mao Tse-tung, and a younger Vladimir Putin. The prize consists of an extended vacation in beautiful Hangzhou and leader Kim is reported to be giving serious consideration to the trip................................ click to read the full story.

White couple accidentally visit Atlanta MLK Memorial

(ACPA-Atlanta, GA)  Photo by Simon J Kurtz, public domain on Wikipedia Thanks to poor luck and a bad sense of direction, Josh and Rayann Hoke of Dahlonega, Georgia became the first white people since 1997 to visit the Martin Luther King National Historic site in Atlanta....................click to read the full story.

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