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Naughty Israeli Minister - is not taking peace process seriously

New Liberal Marriage Law Brings Freedom To Iraqi Girls

(ACPA-Baghdad)  fair use of image for article purpose It used to be that women had no rights in Iraq. But ever since the US brought democracy the outlook for the fairer sex has been improving daily. Now, Iraqi politicians are in the process of approving the Jaffari personal status law and extending women's rights all the way down to girls - yes, those very same girls who were traditionally thought to be worthless creatures in Arab societies. Under the new law, girls will no longer have to wait to be technically an adult before they can go out and get married. It's womens' lib on steroids.................... click to read the full story.

Twinks versus Bears: Uganda in danger

(ACPA-Kampala) Indian School of Business It used to be that Africans were famous for starving to death on national television and inspiring rock stars to organize fundraising singalongs. However, lately they have discovered the benefits of hating Gay people. And not without good reason: Take Uganda - Gays have destroyed the place. First, colorful flags appeared everywhere, then flamboyant queens started flaunting themselves on main street Kampala. It was downhill from there...................click to read the full story.

White couple accidentally visit Atlanta MLK Memorial

(ACPA-Atlanta, GA)  Photo by Simon J Kurtz, public domain on Wikipedia Thanks to poor luck and a bad sense of direction, Josh and Rayann Hoke of Dahlonega, Georgia became the first white people since 1997 to visit the Martin Luther King National Historic site in Atlanta....................click to read the full story.

Miller Lite - when sometimes a glass of water is just not enough.

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