Our Book: "Murphy's Law to be Abolished"

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About the book

 copyright photo "Murphy's Law to be Abolished!" is a collection of the world's funniest fake news stories from our long established and award winning website "Satire and Comment". Highlights include the story of a British atheist who saw an image of the big bang in a slice of toast, Glenn Beck's fears that whites will be rounded up into concentration camps called suburbs and Australia's election of Skippy the bush kangaroo as vice premier.

Casey Anthony's plan to publish a better parenting book and then go work for Newscorp is featured along with the surprising news that US Supreme Court justices will end the death penalty to stop those endless last minute appeals from interfering with poker night.

Over in Europe, we learn about a new law to force taciturn Swedes to talk to one another, discover the horrified reaction of Italians when an opera ended before the fat lady sang, and read about the EU investigation into the Parker brother's monopoly on the board game Monopoly. Israeli views on the peace process are skewered as are US politics and race relations - no cow is too sacred to be slayed in this series of short gems to make you laugh once and think twice.

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