Ireland to Abolish Murphy's Law?

(ACPA-Dublin) Calls are growing across Ireland for the abolition of Murphy's Law following a series of mass arrests by the authorities. The chorus of complaints followed early morning raids yesterday when hundreds of Irish citizens were arrested and charged with violations of the ancient Celtic law, simply because they were fortunate enough to have had nothing go wrong.

Ireland's Supreme Court to hear the case- from www Slavish adherence to Murphy's Law by Ireland's ruling authorities predates the arrival of St Patrick and Catholicism to the Emerald Isle and over the centuries the Irish people have been bitterly oppressed by this legal heritage.

From the Viking destruction of the "Land of Saints and Scholars", to potato famine and failed rebellions, Murphy has been invoked time and time again raining misery on the unfortunate natives.

The dominant Catholic Church quietly supports the law, believing it is in their best interest to have anguish poured on the people on a regular basis. "If we can keep people miserable for long enough, they will always eventually turn to the Church for support," said Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin in defense of the law.

The sorrow continues today with the hope and optimism of Ireland's "Celtic Tiger" economic miracle replaced with recession, rising unemployment and traffic that would make a condemned man stay in his cell.

A pint of plain is your only man- by Jon Sullivan at There is hope! Amnesty International has declared all those arrested to be "Prisoners of Conscience". The famed international human rights group is calling for their immediate release and the total repeal of Murphy's Law. "Murphy's Law must be abolished," insisted their director of campaigns at a protest march in Dublin.

Meanwhile defense lawyers intend to argue a case that Murphy's Law became obsolete after Ireland joined the European Union.

If YOU want to help get the prisoners released from Dublin's decrepit Mountjoy prison and have this awful law abolished please write a letter to:

The Minister of Justice
Department of Justice
94 St Stephens Green
Dublin 2

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