Sanjay And Suresh Discuss The Commonwealth Blame Games

Jokes by Subroto Mukherjee

Sanjay: Did you know this? They've added a new sporting event to the Commonwealth Games:the sack race!

Suresh: Yeah, who can sack the organizing officials the fastest!

Sanjay: But no sweat! They say the structures at the athletes village enjoy absolutely 5-star ratings!

Suresh: Yes, just look up and you can spot at least 5 stars through the holes in the ceiling!

Sanjay: Anyway, it's reported that all those involved in the CWG are now working like dogs to meet the looming October 15th closing ceremony deadline!

Suresh: Yep, working like dogs do - lying around, doing nothing.

Sanjay: And thank God the drinking water is filtered.

Suresh: Pity though its filtered through someone's kidneys!

Sanjay: Anyway why all the fuss about the Commonwealth Village, why not accept it as is?

Suresh: Yeah, a typical Indian village, full of dengue-carrying mosquitoes, crumbling structures, flooding and fiasco! We're right at home here.

Sanjay: And the terrorism threat, it's not been so bad?

Suresh: Yeah, all the records being broken everytime the starting pistol goes, nervous athletes sure move fast.

Sanjay: There's lots of VIP's here.

Suresh: Yes, soon to be very important prisoners! Oh wait no, this is India, their going to be in Parliament next. First act - pardon themselves.

Sanjay: But why the huge concern that foreign tourists will stay away from the Games?

Suresh: Don't know, they flock here from all over the world to admire our amazing ruins.

Sanjay: Chai time?

Suresh: More like cry into my chai time

Jokes by Subroto Mukherjee. Sanjay and Suresh concept by Ronald Pecorry.

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