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Muslims at it again with plans for Mosque in the middle of Nowhere

(ACPA-USA) For a moment it seemed that America's Muslims were going to ease off with their in-your-face building projects, but new plans to build a mosque in the middle of nowhere, have set off another chorus of criticism about the insensitivity of Muslims to American feelings. The so-called "middle-of-nowhere mosque" will be hidden by wilderness and mountains, 50 miles from the nearest town. The site can be reached by cycling twenty miles down a dirt path, swimming across two rivers and hiking twenty five miles through an area frequented by mountain lions.

 from wikipedia, credit - Omarlegend  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License "Mountain lions, I love mountain lions," said noted environmentalist, and Fox News contributor Sean Hannity, who was quick to condemn the proposal. "They have no right to disturb those poor creatures or any endangered species that might be there. The lesser spotted Thrush could be affected by the dust."

"Ah the rivers, the rivers, how can they do that?" cried a distraught Glenn Beck, whose special program, "Terrorizing America - Muslims, Mosques and the liberal media," took major ratings last night.

Although the isolated site was allegedly picked to avoid hurting the sensitivities of any non-Muslim born, living in, or thinking about living in the US, few people are buying that excuse. "This is an environmental issue not a religious one," said Sarah Palin. "They need to learn to respect nature and all the oil and gas that could be underneath. Look, if global warming existed, this development would definitely add to it."

Meanwhile Rush Limbaugh told his radio listeners, "They should not be allowed hide away like this to set up their training camps. They should be forced to build somewhere public like in the middle of a city where we can see what they are doing all the time." Amen to that, Rush. Amen.

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