Texan conservatives against new "put Jesus in public schools" law

(ACPA-Waco, TX) Two years ago, the Texas House passed bill 1287 requiring public schools to put the Bible on the curriculum for the current school year. But as schools get ready to start their new classes, Texans are in uproar, feeling betrayed and tricked by the liberal elite, because it's going to be, "all Jesus, all the time."

"I thought this was going to be some sort of Bible history lesson," said Robert Myer of the conservative group, 'Texans for a Strong Texas'. "But no, they want to start teaching about who this Jesus is - hey, one minute it's love your neighbor and help the sick, next thing we'll have national health care, they need to keep this socialism out of our schools."

publicdomain photo from wikipedia Marine corporal, John Langston, of Conroe, Texas agreed. "I didn't take 13 weeks of abuse on Parris Island learning to turn the other cheek. If I had learned all that pussy BS in high school, I would never have made it through boot camp. Are we trying to teach our kids to be wimps now? They need to keep this stuff out of the classroom."

Get a job, you dirty Hippy!

Another Texan complained, "I heard this Jesus guy never had a job. How do you think his hard working father felt when his son became a hippy peace-and-love drifter, with no respect for authority? Heck, this guy ended up getting arrested and executed because he wouldn't follow the rules. Not much of a role model for Texas kids, if you ask me."

A spokeswoman for the 'Texas United Families' group also condemned the new law saying that, "It's a well-established fact that the man's mother was not even married. How dare they try to push an Amsterdam agenda on our daughters?"

But some people seem unfazed by the whole affair. Jay Wayne, a student at the University of Texas told a reporter: "I don't know man, I think they are way too harsh, this Jesus guy seems like a real cool dude. Once he was at a party and they ran out of booze, but Jesus breaks out his personal stash of wine and they party on all night. I want a roommate like him!"

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