Supreme Court Justices to abolish Texas Death Penalty - they want an evening off

(ACPA-Houston, TX) Texas is reeling at news that the death penalty is facing the possibility of being declared unconstitutional. Supreme Court Justices, sick of missing Friday night poker and evenings at the symphony, plan to use an upcoming appeal as an excuse to abolish executions. "I'll miss the overtime," said Justice Scalia, "but not the bleeding heart lawyers with their last gasp appeals."

Shock and Dismay

Texas Death Row As details of the plan leaked out, groans of shock and dismay were recorded across the lone star state as Texans started to come to terms with the news that their beloved death penalty might be taken away.

"This all started with the abolition of execution for the retarded," said Dwight Johnson of Walker County, "that dang Yankee Supreme Court should stay out of our business."

Death row guards concerned for their jobs have decided to take action. Union spokesman Jim Austen stated that, "we are going to start a grassroots nationwide campaign to encourage other states to have more executions."

Arguing that the death penalty is a time honored tradition, he was quick to point out that, "the death penalty is just like freedom of religion - use it or lose it."

Over in Houston, the Mayor is particularly concerned that mass layoffs could follow in the prosecutor's office and he has weighed in his support for the guards union. "You love the yellow rose of Texas, now it's time to love the Death Rows of Texas," he said in an impassioned plea for support from other cities nationwide.

Meanwhile traffic came to a standstill in downtown Huntsville, home of the Texas death chamber, when several members of the strapdown team staged an impromptu strap-in.

Trade War looms

On the financial front, markets reacted to the news by dumping shares of chemical companies specializing in the manufacture of sodium thiopental. Lean times are ahead unless these companies can break into the burgeoning but restricted Chinese death penalty market. The US is expected to raise the issue in upcoming WTO talks.

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