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Noah and Joan of Ark to be commemorated in Kentucky park

(ACPA-Kentucky) The life and times of famous biblical couple Joan of Ark and her husband Noah will be commemorated in Kentucky with the building of a replica 'Ark in the Park.' Inspired by the success of their Creation Museum, the nonprofit group "Answers in Genesis," will build the $73m ark to educate the public about the biblical flood and the story of the famous couple's triumphant survival against all odds. Sponsorship opportunities start at $1000 per plank; if you truly love God, you can sponsor a crossbeam for $5000.

 copyright unknown , found on A spokesman said, "We hope the epic story will inspire children to look to the bible for scientific explanations. For example, how did the dinosaurs become extinct? Well, they all drowned because Noah and Joan would not let them on the arc, fearing they would eat the other animals. It's all there in black and white if you know how to interpret it."

Local boy John Jay, 11, said he has several difficult questions and hopes the park will help him find Biblical answers. For example: "Why doesn't the Bible tell us to wash our hands before we eat? Or why doesn't it say, 'Thou shalt not own slaves' and 'don't vote for Adolf in 1933'?"

Floods Forecasted

Answers in Genesis, (AIG), are hoping that the 900 jobs created for the project will cut Noah's 120 year lead time down to just a few months. However, scientists are worried that the thousands of trees being axed to build the ark could cause serious increases in local water levels and result in devastating flooding. Construction will also cause damage to the habitat of several endangered species of woodpeckers, although two of each of them will be housed in the new Ark. The rest will die off as God intended.

Meanwhile, local AIG members Dave and Susan Bant admitted they were honored to be chosen to act as that other famous biblical couple, Sodom and Gomorrah. "I'm thrilled we were chosen," said Susan, "although I wish Dave would not take his new role so seriously. I'm having trouble sitting down."

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