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Indian men new year's resolution: just say no to gang rape

(ACPA-New Delhi) In a public ceremony today at India Gate, scores of Indian men pledged a resolution to take part in fewer gang rapes this year. The pledge drive was organized by the grassroots group, "Sexist Indian men for a slightly better India."

 Public domain picture "I promise to harass fewer girls on public transport - no more than one per day," ("that's one per bus ride and one per train ride," a spokesman later confirmed.) "I promise to pinch ladies bottoms less often, and to limit my demeaning sexist behavior to only my wife, as much as possible."

Abhishek Rawat was typical of most of men present. "Look, I admit that I enjoy a little bit of teasing most days. A leer or two, a loose hand, maybe pressing up against her when she's not expecting it, but not gang rape, I don't support that at all. I've got my principles."

It's all Theek Hai!

Politicians across India hailed the drive as a sign of how much India has changed it's attitude towards women, who traditionally have been seen as makers of roties and babies. "Indian women, at least those who are not selectively aborted, will remember this day for years to come as the start of a revolution in attitudes," said Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit. However, others were more cautious with one Delhi police inspector suggesting that change could lead to women "not wearing sarees, and then of course, they're just asking for it."

Another Delhi police officer, Lathi Singh, said he was not sure what to make of the pledge. After being given a 100 rupee note from a pledge-supporter he decided it was a worthy cause. Later, he changed his mind, when an opponent of the pledge gave him 50 rupees. He did admit though that he could change his mind repeatedly, "as long as the price is right."

One woman, who said her name was Durga, noted: "This bitter winter descended on us, but an Indian spring is not far behind."

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