Can Corporate Speak Help Maximize The Leverage Of Traction In The Verticals?

By Adam Cohn, orignially found on the wonderful

Hey guys,

re: Facilitating continued competitiveness in all the silos.

I know I am seeing a lot of back-and-forth on this topic, but I really need to push back and raise some red flags. These phrases are foundational to our ability to drive efficiencies in the corporate landscape and deserve utilization. We should leverage them to the hilt and because they are open source, they can be exploited in every channel iteratively. There's no bottom line impact, only upside.

found at : copyright unknown Sure, some are just boilerplate solutions, really only keeping us at a 30,000-foot-view of things. Others, however, really allow us to get better granularity, find better directional-indicators, or loop back and deep dive into some critical issues on a go-forward basis.

I think if you all start using more of these phrases, you'll find yourself trending toward the positive, but you'll have to keep an eye on the puck. Gut through it, reduce thrash, and let's stay in lock-step on this. Then the synergy will flow!

So what's the root cause of the push-back on corporate-speak? I'll put my layman's hat on and guess that it comes from movies like Office Space or from Dilbert cartoons. But we all know that these phrases allow us to touch base in a much more time-efficient manner.

I have to time-box this comment, as I have a hard-stop in a moment - I need to jump onto a call. So, just one more point that I want to cover-off on: let's try and socialize the idea of speaking with more corporate-speak. We can loop back to see whether there are learnings we can utilize and if we're being more impactful. If we try some blue-sky, out of the box thinking, I'm sure we can discover new paradigms. From a management standpoint, we can get the traction to do it.

So, net/net, ignore the naysayers, sidebar the folks that are stuck in the weeds, and don't waste cycles or bandwidth on folks that don't align strongly with this mission. Try it out, and we'll have another touch point in a little while to see if we've moved the needle.

If you need me, I will be online again in a bit.

-- sent from my iPhone

Written by Adam Cohn

Title by: John Brock Lee.

Used with permission of Adam Cohn and John Brock Lee

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